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Water Heater “Treater”

It’s no secret that our water quality is poor in the Orange County area. If you’ve ever used a water heater, you know what poor water quality can do to your appliances! If you’re tired of dealing with the strain and stress hard water puts on your water heater but you’re not ready for a full-on water treatment system, there’s a solution for you: the Heater Treater. Read on to learn more about the Heater Treater, then call Olson Superior Plumbing — (949) 328-6002 — to learn how you can save your water heater from the damaging effects of hard water scaling!

What is the Heater Treater?

The Heater Treater is a water treatment system developed by Dennis Falsken, a professional water treatment contractor with over 25 years in the industry. Falsken was one of the first to recognize a need for an economical, effective way to reduce scaling in tankless water heaters, and he used his experience and contacts in the water treatment industry to develop a system that combines water treatment and water filtration applications. Now, we have the Heater Treater, the perfect marriage between the two technologies.

How does the Heater Treater work?

The Heater Treater is installed along the main water line right before your tankless water heater. When water passes through the filter, the treatment media slowly dissolves into the water supply to provide scale protection in several ways. It does this by:

  • Blocking the calcium and magnesium from crystallizing or becoming scale when heated (which has been an effective scale prevention technique for years).
  • Laying down a thin coating on the interior of the heater (and, most importantly, the heat exchanger). This prevents any scale that is created from sticking to the interior of the heater.
  • Providing protection from rust, sediment, and debris via a 5-micron filter.

Is the treatment media safe?

Yes! The treatment media is 100 percent food-grade material, approved by the FDA, NSF, and the World Health Association. It is also completely odorless, tasteless, and colorless.

If you’re worried about hard water scale damaging your tankless water heater but you don’t want to install a whole house water treatment system, call Olson Superior Plumbing today – (949) 328-6002 – We can install a Heater Treater in your home to protect your water heater for less!

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