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Pipe Burst Services in Lake Forest, CA

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Burst Pipe Repair Service in Lake Forest, CA 

Pipes can burst with extremely cold weather. This can even happen in Southern California! That’s why we offer burst pipe repair services in Lake Forest, CA and all surrounding Orange County areas.

What Causes Pipes to Burst?

Metal piping is more susceptible to freezing because the metal holds the frigid temperature longer, thus causing the water inside to freeze.

Aside from cold weather, pipes can also burst due to damage or age. The areas near the joints are especially susceptible to wear–over time, seals can become worn and cause the joints to weaken.

Annual inspections of your plumbing can help catch problems early and keep away any unwanted surprises. Our Rapid Response Team can map out and inspect all the plumbing in your home to ensure proper precautions and insulations are put in place.

Let Us Help You Repair or Avoid a Burst Pipe

Burst pipes are relatively common, but proper preventive action will help you avoid this problem.

Proper insulation goes a long way when the temperature plummets. Make sure all the pipes in your home are surrounded with insulated sleeves. These special sleeves provide a protective barrier around the pipes when the temperature falls to low temperatures. 

All joints and piping near the exterior walls especially need to be covered because these areas are more vulnerable to cold weather. If you have a basement and it’s not heated, we recommend that you make plans to insulate the piping–this will ensure proper water flow and will prevent the pipes from cracking due to the cold.

Our expert technicians will help you install insulation and make sure your pipes are properly covered.  If it’s too late and you’ve found a burst, take advantage of our 24/7 emergency plumbing service. Give us a call (949) 328-6002 any time and we’ll fix the problem immediately.

No one wants to wake up and find their home flooding from a burst pipe! Our expert technicians work with you to protect your home or repair any damage to your pipes.

Call today (949) 328-6002. We’re available 24/7 for your burst pipe emergencies!

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