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Toilet Installation & Replacement

Thinking about replacing your toilet with an efficient, low-flow model? Looking to remodel your bathroom and need a new toilet installation? Call the experts at Olson Superior Plumbing! – (949) 328-6002 – Your Lake Forest plumbers for over 10 years, we are the experts when it comes to toilet installation and toilet replacement services for homes and small businesses throughout the area, including Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, Irvine, or any surrounding areas in Orange County, California. If you need a new toilet, call us today! – (949) 328-6002


New Toilet Installation

You can pick out whatever new toilet you want, but when it comes time to install it, call the professionals! Our Rapid Response Team will make sure it’s installed properly. And if you’re installing the new toilet as part of a larger bathroom remodel, we can work with any other contractors you’ve hired to make sure the job goes smoothly and is completed on time.

Installing a toilet can be a complicated job, but not for our plumbers at Olson Superior Plumbing! If you need toilet installation in Lake Forest or the surrounding Orange County, CA area, call today! – (949) 328-6002


Toilet Replacement

If your toilet is loose, cracked, or leaking, or if you’re just tired of looking at the same toilet you’ve had for years, let us know! Our toilet replacement pros can remove your old toilet and replace it with your preferred model. We’ll hook it right into your existing plumbing system so you can start using your new toilet right away – you won’t even notice the switch!

If you need toilet replacement in Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, Irvine, or any surrounding areas in Orange County, California, contact Olson Superior Plumbing! (949) 328-6002


Fun Facts About Toilets

  • The first toilet ever seen on TV was on Leave it to Beaver. The movie Psycho was the first movie to show a toilet being flushed – and it sparked a huge controversy over indecency issues!
  • The first attempts at making a toilet air freshener involved pomegranates studded with cloves.
  • Herman Goering (a Nazi leader) refused to use toilet paper, preferring white handkerchiefs!
  • Over $100,000 was spent on a study to figure out if people prefer to put their toilet paper on the holder with the flap in front or behind – turns out 75% of people prefer the front!
  • British King George II actually died falling off a toilet on October 25, 1760.
  • In public restrooms, the first toilet in a row is the least used (and therefore the cleanest!).
  • More toilets are flushed during the Super Bowl halftime than any other time of the year.
  • Most toilets flush in the key of E flat.
  • There are 333 squares of toilet paper on a roll.
  • 40,000 people in America are injured by toilets each year.

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“I had a great experience with Lyle from Olson plumbing. He was very reliable and trustworthy in fixing some of my water leakage problems. He called 20 minutes prior to arriving, was professionally dressed and wore booties into the house. He did a complimentary inspection of my plumbing system and brought up some of the culprits which could be contributing to the water leakage and increased water bill. After we agreed on the repairs, he completed them speedily. He was also very honest, providing opinion about what repairs were urgent and which could wait. Even my pup loved him! Really enjoyed my experience and will recommend Olson plumbing to friends and family.”

Crystal Y, Irvine, CA

“I have used Olson Plumbing before and did not hesitate to call them again when I was worried that I had a gas leak from my stove. They sent Anthony over right away and he was able to locate the leak immediately. I was so relieved that they were able to send someone out immediately as it was an emergency situation. Anthony as always was very thorough and kind. I will use These guys for all of my future plumbing needs.”

Chelsea V, Laguna Hills, CA

“I’m very impressed with Olson Plumbing, the owner Eric, and service provider James, are both integrous people at the top of their game, highly respectful and professional. After having many issues with plumbers, I was delighted that Olson has their license readily available, and further, Eric has priceless insights into building code, and the long term mechanics of plumbing for lasting work. Definitely worth the call. Prices are fair and work is high quality backed by a guarantee. Thank you for your hard work and quality responses.”

Dan R, Ladera Heights, Los Angeles, CA

“They are amazing! They came out to replace my water heater and also fixed some broken valves under my bathroom sink. Eric Taysom is the best!!! When I called, he picked up the phone right away and walked me through getting my water turned off to stop the flooding even though my valves weren’t working. He made sure we got great service, constant, consistent care, a great price, and even followed up with us after everything was finished to make sure we were still OK and fully satisfied with everything they had done for us.”

Sean T, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

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Our family-owned and operated Orange County business has been serving Lake Forest and its surrounding cities for over 10 years. Our team of Expert Plumbers provide common courtesy, respect, quality work, knowledge, and high-level professionalism to all of our clients, big or small. We pride ourselves on providing a 5 Star customer experience on all services performed, we are available 24/7 – 365 to answer all calls and promise to be there when you need us.


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