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Tankless Water Heater Maintenance

Tankless hot water heaters are great for people who want energy efficiency and hot water on demand. They are compact in size, and they are quickly becoming the best choice for water heaters for both residential and businesses. It is important that if you own a tankless hot water heater, that you do proper water heater maintenance on it. Doing routine maintenance can help your water heater to last beyond twenty years.

It is best to get your hot water heater serviced at least once a year. If you are living in an area where you have hard water or you keep the water temperature set up high, Tankless Hot Water Heater Maintenance should be done twice a year. This will help to ensure that all the components in the heater work as they should. There are several things that will need to be done during maintenance.

Flushing the System

Tankless Flush | Tankless Water Heater Flush | Tankless Maintenance | Plumber

The hot water heater should be flushed at least once a year. During the year, minerals collect inside the water heater. If you have a hard water supply, this may build up faster. Mineral build-ups can damage the heat exchanger in your unit. The efficiency of the tank could fail, and you could end up with a higher energy bill each month. By not flushing your tankless hot water heater, you can greatly shorten its life expectancy. Unfortunately, damage due to mineral build-up will not be covered under your warranty.

All of this mineral build-up will be removed by flushing. To flush the tank, you will need to make a mixture of vinegar water, have two lengths of hose, and a sump pump. You will want to turn off all the power to your hot water heater. Turn off the water to the pump and then attach the hoses. You will then want to use the sump pump to push the vinegar water into the heater. After you have flushed the machine with vinegar water, you will want to flush it with plain water. You can find further instructions on how to do this in your user manual for your hot water heater, or you can purchase a descaling kit that will have the instructions.

If this seems too daunting of a task or you are scared you might do something wrong, call our Rapid Response Team – (949) 328-6002 – out to do Tankless Water Heater Maintenance. They will be able to flush the system and inspect the water heater to ensure that there is nothing wrong with it.

Cleaning the Air Filter

Tankless Flush | Tankless Water Heater Flush | Tankless Maintenance | Plumber | Repipe 1 | 2

In your tankless water heater, there is an air filter that will need to be cleaned regularly. To clean this filter, remove it from the water heater. You will then want to get a soft brush and clean it with a soap and water solution. Make sure that you clean it thoroughly to ensure proper airflow. Rinse well and then let it completely dry before putting it back in the water heater.

Cleaning the Water Filter

When doing water heater maintenance, it is important that you do not forget the water filter. Most tankless water heaters come with a screen that helps to trap any sediment coming in. You will need to clean out these sediments from time to time to ensure the proper functionality of your water heater. If sediment accumulates, it can greatly restrict the function of your hot water heater. To remove the filter, you will need to cut off the water supply to the hot water heater. Remove the filter and clean it well. You can do this with warm soapy water or wipe it down with a cloth. If you cannot find your water filter, look on your user manual to determine its location.

Cleaning the Tank

It is a good idea to wipe down the outside of the tank to ensure that no dust or debris builds up on it. Cut the power supply and water supply off before doing this. Wipe down the tank itself and around it. A build-up of dust and debris can get into the water heater, which may cause issues.

Routine Tankless Water Heater Maintenance will help to ensure that your machine is working how it should. When you do your maintenance, take a look at all the other aspects of the heater. Look at the heating elements, valves, and pipes to ensure that they look great and are functioning as they should. Look for any leaks, rust, or anything that looks off. If you see anything that is wrong, this will need to be fixed as soon as possible. The longer that you let an issue sit, the worse and more expensive it can become.

If you find that you are having an issue with your tankless hot water heater or you want to hire a professional to do all of your water heater maintenance, call us today. Our technicians have years of experience with tankless hot water heaters and can ensure that yours functions properly and lasts for twenty or more years. We also train with various manufactures and are a preferred vendor for Noritz.


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