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Tankless Water Heater Myths

If you’re thinking of getting rid of your old tank in favor of a Tankless Water Heater we recommend you go for it!

There’s plenty of compelling reasons to switch to a tankless water heater, today we’re going to talk about 3 myths and 3 reasons why you should make the switch.


Myth 1: Savings

Most homeowners looking to switch from a traditional tank water heater to a tankless, take a look at the savings first. Most manufacturers lead with that – “Savings” – but what does that mean? Although it is true that you save money, around $100 a year, It may not be a big difference. Take a look below at some of the numbers we came up with. These are numbers from the Energy Guide labels most water heaters come with. Now, it’s important to note that the numbers will vary depending on the size of the unit, so we based our numbers on the average units that are sold to some of our residential customers.

Natural Gas Traditional Tank Water Heater: $330/Year ÷ 12 = $27.50/Month

Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater: $192/Year ÷ 12 = $16.00/Month

Tankless Savings: $11.50/ Month

So the savings isn’t all that high, but it’s still savings!

Myth 2: Instant Hot Water

People often refer to Tankless Water Heaters as “instant” hot water heater or On-Demand water heaters. It is true, once the water comes into the unit the water is instantly converted to hot. While tank water heaters take time to make the hot water. However, in order to get instant hot water on a tankless water heater, you need to have a circulation pump. The circulation pump can be set on a timer to continually circulate hot water through the unit. That will allow you to get access to hot water from your sink or other plumbing fixtures around your home without wasting too much water.


Myth 3: Maintenance

A lot of people think or say that tankless water heaters are “maintenance free” – You just install it and forget about it, well, that’s not true. Our Rapid Response Team recommends that you flush the unit annually or bi-annually depending on your use. If you have soft water or a softening system installed in your home it’s very unlikely that you’ll need to flush your tankless unit on a consistent basis. But if you have hard water, you’ll need to flush your unit annually at a minimum.

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Now that we’ve talked about tankless myths, let’s talk about the compelling reasons you should make the switch!

Performance on a tankless water heater makes it standout. One of the luxuries of a tankless unit is that you will have nearly limitless hot water. Let’s say someone in the home takes a long hot shower or takes a bath when you hop in the shower it may be lukewarm or even cold if you had a traditional tank water heater. You won’t run into that problem with a tankless water heater.

Space Savings, if you compare both types of units, you’ll find that the tankless water heater is smaller and can save you a lot of valuable space. That’s why our Rapid Response Team recommends going with a tankless.

Lifespan. Traditional tank water heater typically lasts around 10-15 years – while a tankless water heater lasts 20 to 25 years.  The technology has been around for a long time overseas in places like Europe so we know it’s proven to last.


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