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Polyethelene Gas Line Repair


So we had a customer that was doing some upgrades to their home, remodeling their whole home, and also have a beautiful pool in their backyard.  They had just laid down some pavers along the side of their home during their remodel. All of a sudden the Gas Company shows up and puts a tag on our customers’ meter and says “Gas if OFF” – “No HOT Showers” – “No Cooking” until this is fixed. The reason the Gas Company came out was because the customer reported a gas leak and couldn’t pinpoint where it was coming from. Gas leaks are dangerous and have to be taken seriously.

The Gas Company will tell you that there’s a gas leak, but they won’t tell you where it’s at or how to locate it. They won’t tell you what’s leaking, they will not point to a specific pipe or specific location for liability reasons. But they do recommend you call a plumber to help locate the leak.

When our Rapid Response Team arrives on site. One of the things we’ll do is pressurize the gas pipe to determine which area and which location is leaking, what makes this specific job very unique and special is the type of pipe we are using, it’s a polyethylene pipe. We’re using this for the gas line. Some people would typically use a steel galvanized pipe, wrapping the pipe to make sure that there’s not too much moisture getting on the metal causing to rust and rot.

With the polyethylene pipe, it’s got a longer life span and overall will save our customers money. The pipe does not rot, rust, or corrode. Even though it’s under the earth!

In order for us to install this poly pipe, we have e a plumbing method called trenchless pipe installation. Since we need to hit a bullseye for this type of job, this is exactly what we need to do. We need to get this to go from one hole to the next but we need it to come out of the ground on the other side at a very precise location. We have to measure it out carefully where the pipe is going to be installed. We did just that and now our customers’ issue has been fixed.

Did You Know…

Natural gas in itself, doesn’t have a smell do it. They actually put something in the natural gas to help you identify that there’s a problem. Now imagine walking along the side of your home and you smell something you don’t normally smell. Then you find out that this smell is gas. What do you do? Do you run away, contact the police, a firefighter, or a plumber??? In this case, our customer was smart and did the right thing by contacting the gas company. They came out for free and shut the gas off they then directed our customer to contact a plumber.

We have 5 stars on Yelp, of course, they called us!

You would think that as a licensed plumber, the thing we would be most proud of would be plumbing. But it’s not, what we’re most proud of is being able to look our customers in the eye, smile, and tell them with confidence that when we leave you won’t even know we’re here!

We can say that because our Rapid Response Team is incredible. The amount of care and effort that we give every single customer is rooted in the training we offer at our in-house training facility.

We believe customer service goes way beyond wearing gloves, shoe covers, smiling, and being friendly. That’s awesome and it’s a given and we hope that every company extends that to their customers. Our perspective on customer service goes all the way back to our training room. The knowledge and expertise that we put into our plumbers, the care and time we give each Rapid Response Team member actually comes out through what we call quality of service. We look forward to serving you soon!


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