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Lake Forest Plumbing specialist say, sewer line bellies are difficult to deal with, they can create aggravating sewer pipe problems, at the property owners expense of course.

What Is a Stomach in a Sewer Pipe? Lake Forest Plumbing

Lake Forest Plumbing Specialist say, sewer line bellies are sags or low stains in sewer lines.

A normal sewer lateral (found under) has a slope that makes use of gravity to support regulate the flow.

A bellied sewer-line interferes with the normal flow of waste water through the pipe, leading to backups and other problems because the water and sediment collects from the belly.

What Is The Cause For Sewer Bellies?

Lake Forest Plumbing says, poor planning and bad installations are often the cause of sewer line bellies.

Other problematic areas include, right bedding compaction, great materials and proper incline are the absolute most important factors necessary to prevent the issue.

However natural occurrences like major tree roots, earthquakes sunlight or heat, rain, and even cold weather fluctuations can lead for the shifts from the soil that eventually cause bellies.

To prevent bellies, the first move is always to install plumbing.

If the appropriate material (larger grade gravel and sand) is used underneath the pipe, then then it may eventually settle lower into the ground in some segments and a belly will form.

A sewer line must also have the correct slope so as to make use of gravity for its advantage when moving waste away from the home or construction.

A trained professional can use the best tools of the trade (such as online movie cameras and locator wands) to guarantee proper incline in a plumbing installation thereby stopping extra accumulation.

In some cases, unstable ground may cause bellies, too.

Even sewer lines that have been installed with the appropriate support in place may sag if the earth below begins to shift.

The Diagnosis

Sewer pipe bellies should be diagnosed by plumbers utilizing the most accurate movie inspecting engineering.

A professional sewer camera inspection will allow the service technician to successfully push a video camera through the pipe.

This gives them a closer look at the full sewer lateral and allows the pipe team to accurately identify any issues.

Incline issues can be detected at this preliminary stage of the approach.


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