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5 Vacation Plumbing Priorities

With the weather warming up and the spring cleaning done, you’re probably lining up a few trips to celebrate the summer. Vacations are great, but nothing ruins your relaxing getaway like coming home to a plumbing problem


Here are 5 plumbing tasks that should always be done before you leave your home unattended. 

1. Turn off the water main

Shutting off your water main will drastically decrease the odds of coming home to a flooded house. It’s bad enough if a pipe or a hose bursts, but imagine the resulting water damage just sitting in your home for days or even weeks. 


If you shut off your water main, you will not have to worry about running around and switching off all the individual valves in your home. 

2. Clean the garbage disposal

Odds are there’s a bit of gunk in your garbage disposal. If you choose to leave it there while you go on holiday, you’ll be welcoming mold and bacteria growth the whole time you’re gone. Imagine the smell you’ll come home to! 


You can purchase commercial cleaners made for the garbage disposal or make your own using a 1:1 ratio of vinegar and baking soda. 


There is no need to place your hand in or near the “teeth” of your garbage disposal, but you should always shut off the power to the disposal before cleaning it just to be safe. 

3. Shut off the hot water heater

Turning off your water heater will save you money on your gas or electric bill. Electric models will have an on/off switch to flip. For gas models, all you need to do is turn the temperature down so the pilot light remains lit and then cut the power to the electrical components either via a switch or by flipping your breaker. 


Once the water heater and the water main have both been shut off, you can briefly open your faucets one at a time to clear the remaining water from your pipes. 

4. Inspect your sump pump

If you have a sump pump in your home, then you definitely need to make sure it’s functioning properly before you head out of town. Simply fill the sump pump with water until it kicks on. If it doesn’t start working as it fills with water, then call your plumber right away to have it professionally inspected so you don’t come home to a flooded basement. 

5. Open the washer and dishwasher

There’s probably some standing water left in your washers. Open the doors to let it evaporate without causing a moldy mess. 

A little work now can save you from a disaster later on. Now you’re ready to vacation without worries!


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