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Noritz Error Code 11 | Tankless Water Heater | Tankless Error Code | Tankless

Remember the article that we posted last week about Resolving the 7 Most Common NORITZ Tankless Error Codes – We hope that was helpful in recognizing some of the major error codes you can see in your tankless water heater unit. Today, we’ll go into detail about the first error code on that list.

What Is A Noritz Error Code 11???

Ok, so you have a new Nortiz Tankless Water Heater, the whole family is loving it. The water is always hot, you’re saving money every year, and it takes up a lot less space than your old tank water heater. But then you see these words on your screen “ERROR CODE 11” What does that mean, how can you fix it, should you call a professional???

We know how scary it can be dealing with an issue that you’ve never dealt with before. So our team at Olson Superior Plumbing, Orange County’s premier plumber, has put together some information for you to better identify this problem.

Noritz Error Code 11

A Nortiz Error Code 11 indicates ignition failure in your tankless water heater. It means that your unit is not firing up to heat the water, a situation that can be caused by insufficient gas supply, insufficient airflow, or debris on the ignition plug.

After checking to see if the gas is turned on, contact our Rapid Response Team. We will make sure your gas valve is open, the exhaust vent is unobstructed and the ignition plug is firmly attached and free of debris.

What Steps To Take Next?

Step 1: Find the gas valve connected to the Noritz water heater and turn the gas valve counterclockwise until it no longer turns to open it completely.

Step 2: Turn the power off to the unit by pressing the “Power” button. Run hot water from a nearby faucet. Wait 5 minutes and press the “Power” button again to restore power to the water heater.

Step 3: Turn the hot water back off. This should resolve the problem.


Some More Tips

Ensure that your gas is turned on. Start by checking the vent system to ensure there is no obstruction or separation in the vent system.
Second, our Rapid Response Team recommends flushing the water heater with vinegar. Calcium and scale build-up in tankless water heaters can cause several failures that are not directly related to the specific code displayed on the heater. If the problem persists after taking these steps, give us a call to come out and properly assess the unit.

Our team at Olson Superior Plumbing is fully trained and certified to work on Noritz Tankless Water Heaters. We’ll make sure that we get to the root of the issue so that you can have your hot water back in no time!


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