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Let’s Talk About Taking Care of Your Drain!

Your kitchen sink plumbing is crucial to your life running well. The plumbing must be properly running in order to do your everyday chores and keep up with the demands of your family. And when the kitchen sink drain gets clogged, not only do the dishes begin to pile up, but you could also face the unfortunate expense of hiring a professional 24 Hour Emergency Plumber in Mision Viejo, CA.

You can lower the chances of clogging your kitchen sink by avoiding washing specific foods down the drain or into the garbage disposal. Below is a list of food items that should never be put down to your kitchen sink plumbing.

5 Items That You Shouldn’t Drain In Your Kitchen

  1. Avoid hot fats that solidify when they cool. Hot fats, such as those produced when frying bacon or other fatty meats, can become quickly. The process is almost instantaneous when they mix with cold water. As they cool down, the fats will congeal and set up in your kitchen sink plumbing drains.
  2. Our 24 Hour Emergency Mission Viejo Plumbers suggest that you do not place potatoes or their peelings into the garbage disposal. The hearty vegetables swell right away when introduced to water and then you cannot chop them down. Furthermore, potato peelings can even jam up your garbage disposal, which may lead to a service call.
  3. Never wash tea leaves or coffee grounds down the drain or you could wash your hard-earned money away with it by paying a local 24 Hour Emergency Mission Viejo Plumber. Additionally, tea leaves are known for becoming trapped in the P-trap or S-bend piping of your kitchen sink plumbing. Usually, the material settles to the bottom of the pipes, not giving the water an opportunity to flow and trapping other food particles along the way.
  4. Try to avoid foodstuffs that swell when mixed with water. Usually, these types of foodstuffs carry with them the possibility of expanding in your drainpipes and obstructing the flow of water, as a result, slowing down the drain and eventually leading to a blockage. The problem-foods to avoid are:
  • Flour
  • Rice
  • Semolina
  • Gelatin
  • Gelatinous foods
  • Pastry scraps
  • Pasta

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  1. Fibrous foods can also cause damage to your kitchen plumbing. Furthermore, you should also avoid placing food items such as onion skins, corn husks, celery, and artichokes in your garbage disposal. Other than potentially getting the appliance stuck, garbage disposals do not do a good enough job of grinding up these materials. As a result, this could lead to a drastic blockage in your plumbing system.

An easy rule to follow to avoid causing a kitchen sink blockage is “when you are uncertain, send it out” with the trash.


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