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Lake Forest Plumbers say, if you’ve owned a home, you’ve probably had the unpleasant experience of a sewer line issue.

Employing A Technician

Lake Forest Plumbers say the pros will let you understand what caused the situation and often times where it originated from, overgrown branches, tampons, and a great deal of paper is normally the culprit. You have to understand that just because something says it’s flushable, doesn’t mean that it actually is.

External Parts

Lake Forest Plumbers say, the plant life in your yard, and your neighbor’s yard can mature to the pipes in your sewer line, especially at the line joints.

Water won’t be able to flow as it normally does because of an inordinate amount of debris that can accumulate over time. This is the reason that what you flush matters — anything that doesn’t fast and easily break up increases the risk of getting grabbed and held on or stuck inside.

Clogging The Pipes

Lake Forest Plumbers say all toilet papers are designed to break up into sewer and septic systems. Plush and ultra types of bathroom paper have a tendency to take a longer time to disintegrate and often absorb water, turning them to globs of paper before they hit the city sewer main.

Clumps of this toilet paper don’t pass as easily throughout your home’s plumbing and sit in your lines like spit wads on elementary school ceilings – Add sewer roots to the combination and you can easily see how the toilet paper can become a problem.

Feminine Hygiene Products

Tampons, maybe not the applicators (which nearly all women know are not flushable), no matter how the cotton/rayon tampon itself, is not to be flushed.

Yes, they are small enough to make it through the waste traces but don’t tend to dissolve or breakdown for like paper products. So we recommend wrapping them in toilet paper just like you would feminine pads and dispose of them in your trash. Again, if roots are in your pipes they may grab hold of the product and cause a clog.

The Other Products That Clog

Other items that say they are flushable, but can really cause issues in your sewer lines are baby wipes and paper towels.

They are made out of paper, so they will dissolve eventually, but it’s not a fast process. To make it easier on yourself, just toss them in your trash can. – This includes stuff like dental floss, cotton balls/swabs, and similar products.


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