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Learn How To Prevent A Leak


Our Orange County Plumbing Service Experts come across customers that find leaks in their home all the time. If you happen to find a leak, you may not know where it’s coming from. To help you a little bit, we’ve assembled this fast and easy guide that will help in finding and blocking the leak that’s been aggravating you lately.

Here are 3 steps you can take to help you figure out where that leak is coming from.

Assess The Meter For A Leak

Orange County Plumbing Service Providers recommend that your first step should be looking at your meter, it can really show you something.

You’ll have to turn off your water source so that the reading on the meter is more accurate. Make certain that your faucets aren’t functioning and shut off any appliances that use the water.

As soon as you are confident that you aren’t actively using any of your home’s water, start looking at the water meter. If your water meter indicator continues to proceed, then it means there’s a leak somewhere in your home. Based on how fast the meter is moving, you can figure out just how large the leak really is.

Inspect The Bill To Be Higher

Orange County Plumbing Service Providers suggest that you take other precautions also. Looking at the meter isn’t your only alternative. Along with assessing the lever, you can also inspect the water bill.

If your monthly bill has been going up, and you’ve been using the same amount of water that you always use, then that might be a sure sign that there’s a leak.

It could be time for you to replace your aging home appliances. Or there are clogs causing issues that are out of sight, because of that you don’t really think about them. If you get a hunch that you have a plumbing clog, it is worth following up on it.

Take a Look Around Your Property

Lastly, go outside and take a look around. If the weather permits, take a lap around your home and look for any water. Cold weather could also affect some of your plumbing fixtures, make sure that your outdoor water valves or sprinklers aren’t leaking.


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