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Lake Forest Plumbing experts say mold can hide in all kinds of places.

The average homeowner may not know that you can purchase test kits.

Well, rather than inspecting every inch of a home in search of mold spores there is a more efficient way to determine whether or not mold is present.

Simply sample the air quality in the household.

Take a sample after you go through severe water damage.

Air Sampling Approaches

Lake Forest Plumbing experts say, there are several techniques for collecting air samples to be able to test for mold.

These generally consist of Impaction sampling — which takes a calibrated air sample and injects captured spores onto a slide for examination using a microscope.

Single-use cassette samples that also use forced air to collect samples and particle collectors that can trap mold on a dish to be examined later.

Two Important Items To Remember

Lake Forest Plumbing experts say, air sampling for mold should be achieved by professionals.

Mold can be anywhere in a home so multiple sites have to be examined for any mold to be genuinely revealed.

Guidelines for Mold Air Sampling:

  • Multiple testing samples must be taken in many locations. Make sure that samples are taken in the problem area and that a control sample is taken within an area that has not yet been affected with mold. (For example, a sample can be taken outside in the winter, etc.)
  • Sampling: Address any questions that you might have about mold sampling, the processes utilized and the actions that people advise are taken if the results are understood.
  • Interpreted Accurate Data: Utilize comprehensive testing solutions to guarantee that the results given are accurate and complete. This is the only way that your family and home can be protected against the health dangers posed by mold.
  • There are limitations of air sampling: air sampling is just one portion of an array of tests that must be taken once mold is noticed. Specialist will visually inspect the area and conduct other evaluations as well.


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