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Lake Forest Plumbing Specialist says water damage from a flood, leaks or higher humidity can not just compromise the integrity of your home and its contents but also cause mold development.

Water Damage – Lake Forest Plumber

Lake Forest Plumbing Specialist says mold can grow fast after water damage, making the restoration procedure more difficult.

Even a small amount of moisture, if not handled fast and correctly, can become a large mold infestation.

Mold Spores

Little airborne particles that are not visible to the naked eye — exist everywhere in nature, and they can develop into visible mold after a water damage episode.

If it starts invading the home, mold can threaten the health of the people living in it.

Exposure is especially dangerous for those who have breathing problems caused by allergies or asthma.

However, you can avoid mold development in your home if you act fast.

All it takes is eliminating the moisture before mold has had the chance to start growing.

Just How Long After Does Mold Grow?

Mold does develop after a flood.

You may also have a moisture issue.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), mold typically takes 24 to 48 hours to rise after a flood if the perfect conditions are met.

However, it is dependent on the following:

  • Sort of surfaces and materials
  • Amount of moisture
  • Temperature

The chance for mold spores to spread from one area to another also increases.

These microorganisms can easily fill the air and spread through your home, affecting more and more areas and endangering your health with every passing hour.

Mold spores that start to colonize on surfaces within 2-4 hours turn visible in about 18 to 21 days of the flooding.

But that only happens, if nothing has been done to wash the water and revive the affected surfaces.

For these reasons, it’s essential to deal with water and moisture issues as soon as you have a flooding episode.

The faster the cleanup and drying takes place, the smaller the chances of major mold growth.

If you have a large amount of water inside your home, employing a water damage restoration company may be your best bet to get your home back in order as fast and as cost-efficiently, as you can.

Restoration companies have the perfect gear that’s required to dry out your place quickly.


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